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Metal Braces

We provide a very low profile, smooth, metal bracket at this office. 

What Braces are Made Of

Traditional metal braces are made of high quality stainless steel or titanium. The three main parts of your braces are the:

  • Brackets — Brackets are the piece that is attached to the tooth using special glue that bonds the brackets to the tooth's surface and holds them in place.
  • Arch Wire — The arch wire is the thin metal wire that connects each bracket and puts pressure on the teeth to help guide them into place.
  • Ligature Elastic (also known as the “rubber bands”) — Elastics, or rubber bands, are the colored ties that hold the arch wires to the brackets. Your orthodontist will change the elastics at each appointment. Elastics  come in a variety of colors.

How Braces Work

Once placed on your teeth, braces place constant pressure on your teeth, and the force of the pressure helps move teeth into their proper position. At each appointment, your orthodontist my change the type or size of the wire. This may cause some discomfort for a short time as your teeth continue to move.. In addition to braces, some patients may need to wear rubber bands or headgear. Patients wearing braces may notice their teeth feeling a little loose. This is normal, and once the teeth are done moving, this feeling will go away.


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