What sets us apart?

A practice prioritizing personalization.

When you choose Mantel Orthodontics, you’ll be smiling long before your newly aligned teeth make their debut. That’s because the experience you have along the way matters as much to us as the end results. We’ve designed everything around the perspective of the patient—from the comfort of our contemporary, nature-inspired building to the caliber of our care. Looking forward to having pleasing, naturally aligned teeth is a great reason to smile. Beginning with your very first visit to Mantel Orthodontics.


We’re going to be working with you for some months to craft that new smile for you or your child, so we make every effort to be flexible. That includes:

  • Appointments that fit your schedule
  • Late night Tuesday and early morning Thursday appointments
  • On time, with very little waiting. Really!
  • Emergency care
  • Financial options and flexibility that accompany our recommendations

Warm and welcoming.

We’ve carefully designed our clinic environment to be the kind of dental office you want to visit. The many unique features will meet just about any need or concern.

  • Seedlings Room: Our version of the family room—a coloring table for kids, a couch for parents, noise-cancelling headphones, cozy blankets, nitrous oxide for anxiety, wheelchair access and accommodations for special needs patients.
  • Norway Room: A sunny, private room with massage chair, brushing station, and custom music settings−put your feet up and relax, while we take care of you.
  • Consultation Room: a specialized space for new patient treatment consultations with space for the whole family and privacy from the main clinic.
  • Glass partitions between bays to keep the feeling open and semi-private at the same time.
  • An open, airy waiting room with a unique tree coloring table, book alcove, natural plant wall, and advanced air cleaning system to make your wait worthwhile.
  • Fun and caring atmosphere with the same sense of community we always have at Mantel Orthodontics. (When was the last time you heard a dental practice say that?)

High quality.

We choose from the best of today’s orthodontic technology to meet your individual needs. After all, your smile is worth it!

  • 3D scanning and modeling technology to produce in-house aligners
  • Multiple appliance options based on your preferences
    and lifestyle
  • Extensive oral hygiene program, including electric toothbrushes for all patients
  • Entire staff has completed voluntary AAO Certification
    Program, making them Specialized Orthodontic Assistants providing a higher quality of care
  • Exceptional results: See our frequently updated wall mounted tablets in reception featuring before and after finished smiles