We offer treatment packages tailored to adults with affordable no interest payment options!

You Deserve To Look And Feel Your Best

Getting orthodontic care as an adult isn’t just about a nice smile. It’s an opportunity to improve your quality of life.

You Deserve To Look And Feel Your Best

We understand that getting orthodontic care as an adult can come with a unique set of needs and concerns. Our highly skilled staff are experts in treating adult patients.  Most have been adult patients themselves, right here in our office. Whether you are seeking orthodontics for the first time or fixing a relapse, we have the training, knowledge and understanding needed to give you the best experience possible!

You deserve a pain free smile

Many adult patients have spent years living with headaches, broken teeth, jaw pain, difficulty with eating or talking and worse. Did you know that misalignment of your teeth and bite could be the cause? Dr. Mantel has the training to diagnose TMJ/TMD pain, create a custom splint and determine if orthodontics will help alleviate your pain. Why wait for things to get worse?

You deserve to feel confident

We’ve heard from so many adult patients who avoid smiling in photos. Adults who put off planning their wedding or going for a promotion at work, because they don’t feel confident with their smile. Every adult who goes through treatment with our team truly walks away with a new outlook on life. Why wait to feel confident in your smile?

You deserve options

We offer traditional braces, clear ceramic braces, self-ligating braces and clear aligners. When it comes to aligners, Dr. Mantel makes them in-house using our top of the line 3D printers and 3D scanners. This means that we are totally hands on and much more comprehensive than other aligner options. Our in-house process also means our aligners are more affordable and have a much faster turn-around time. Aligners are a great option for college students or anyone who travels, as Dr. Mantel also offers virtual visits between appointments.

You deserve adult centered care

Our office is set-up to offer an adult experience. In addition to our beautiful greenery and modern look, we have the option for you to book a private room with custom music and a massage chair. We also offer an Adult Suite of Services package that includes: whitening, an electric toothbrush, clear retainers and clear appliances.

You deserve the most advanced treatment

A lot has changed in orthodontic care since we were kids. We now use advanced 3D scanning in place of messy, uncomfortable impressions. We have retainer and orthodontic options that are much more discrete. We also have high tech cameras to track your progress. Adult orthodontics has become standard in our practice, and we are seeing more and more adult patients every year. Now is the best time to get the most comfortable advanced care with Mantel Orthodontics!

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