Special Parent Package! Get 10% off braces or aligners when you start within 6 months of your child’s treatment.

With Your Family From Start To Finish

Our care is about a lot more than just braces. We’re a team of moms, so like you, we want the best for your kids.

Our Complete Family Care Package

We understand that orthodontic care is a family investment, and that it’s important to work with a team you can really trust. Our top priority is making sure your kids feel comfortable and cared for, which will set them up for the best possible outcome. Here’s all we offer to welcome you to our Mantel Orthodontics family!

Desensitization Visits

We want your kids to feel safe and supported. This is especially important for kids who might be feeling nervous about getting started with treatment. We offer complimentary desensitization visits (as many as you need), so your kids can get to know our team, explore the space, touch the equipment and generally feel calm and secure.

Hygiene Visits

Building good hygiene practices are important not only for braces, but also for lifelong dental health. We offer complimentary (weekly, if needed) hygiene checks for your kids. We use this time to walk them through good brushing habits and food choices, so you don’t have to!

Growth And Guidance Program

A potential orthodontic problem can become evident early in your child’s life, but too soon to begin treatment. When that is the case, we offer complimentary growth and guidance visits. At these appointments, Dr. Mantel takes time to evaluate all unerupted and erupting teeth and the growth of your child’s jaw. These appointments ensure that orthodontic treatment starts at the time that it will be most effective for your child.

Orthodontic Treatment

Now that your child feels safe in our space, has developed great hygiene practices and we’ve determined it’s the right time to get started, we move to active orthodontic treatment. This could include expanders, spacers and braces. Treatment happens in one or two phases, all depending on the issues we are addressing. We will build a custom treatment plan just for your child, and make sure you both get your questions answered and feel prepared.

Orthodontic Retention

To make sure your child’s teeth stay in the correct position (especially after all the time and money that you have invested), we offer a few different retainer options. We have removable Hawley Retainers, clear Essix Retainer trays and custom bonded retainers. Our team will walk you through all options once braces are ready to be removed!

Accessible Accommodations

Our office is set up to be accommodating to the needs of all patients. Our entrance and restroom is wheelchair accessible. We also offer a private room for any kids who need it with noise-canceling headphones, cozy blankets, and a coloring table. Additionally, our staff has completed training in treating patients with physical and sensory disabilities.

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