Office Visits

We’re going to be spending time together.
Let’s make it fun.

Orthodontic treatment takes time, and we want you to feel comfortable with the plan we develop for you and the team members who will be caring for you. We strive to put you at ease from your very first visit.

Initial consultation

The initial consultation begins with an office tour, during which you’ll see some of the advanced technology we utilize to beautify smiles. Following the tour, we’ll complete a 20-minute “records visit” with you to gather initial information. We take photographs of your smile, face and teeth, and then x-rays. No impressions are taken at this time. After that, Dr. Mantel reviews the health history you submitted, and the records. She then conducts a comprehensive exam, which takes about 10 minutes, using our intra-oral camera for ideal communication.

Next, we meet around the table with you to discuss all the findings and the different treatment options available to you. At the conclusion of the meeting, our Treatment Coordinator goes over financial, insurance and scheduling details with you, and answers your questions. We cover a lot of ground at the initial consultation; our intent is to be efficient with your time, understand your treatment goals and desires, get to know you and your family, and provide the most amount of information possible.


First treatment

The day braces or Invisalign starts, the appointment lasts approximately one-and-a-half hours, and includes appliance home care information.


Ongoing treatments

After treatment has begun, visits are typically four to eight weeks apart, lasting approximately 30 minutes each.