Mantel Moola$

We know you have it in you!

By completing this checklist, you earn points to be rewarded for the awesome patient you are.

Redeeming your points

60 points
Our selection of prizes constantly changes, so check in to see what cool new things we offer!

150 points
$25 gift cards to a variety of popular places, often including: Target, Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks and Marcus movie theaters.

1000 points
The Grand Prize!  This is awarded at the completion of treatment and the patient must not have collected any other prizes along the way.  Possible awards: 16 GB iPod Touch, Beats Solo2 headphones, $150 Bayshore Mall shopping spree gift card.


Keeping your smile healthy is its own reward, of course. But we love to go above and beyond with additional rewards. At your next appointment, be sure to ask our front desk staff about upcoming contests and our latest assortment of prizes.



Vote for your favorite teacher at your next visit.  The winning teacher will receive coffee in the school breakroom and a basket of goodies.