Custom-made Mantel Clear Aligners

As close as you can get to ‘while you wait.’

Mantel Orthodontics has invested in the advanced technology to produce custom-made clear aligners right in our clinic. For the patients who choose this option, it means aligners that are ready faster, cost less, and offer more convenience. Most orders can be completed by the next working day. Custom-made aligners start with a 3D scan of your teeth. Dr. Mantel then aligns the teeth digitally in her specialized software. A series of 3D printed models is made, each with .25 mm of incremental change built in. Your aligners are vacuum-formed over your 3D printed models and the models are saved in the event a replacement needs to be created. When you start your treatment, all aligners are given to you in an organized box. Every two weeks, you place a new aligner in your mouth. Dr. Mantel monitors your tooth movement at visits that are six to eight weeks apart, making sure your progress stays on track.
The vast majority of patients can benefit from our Mantel Clear Aligners. Aligners are a perfect way to treat orthodontic relapse, finish a case when braces need to be removed (or would like to be removed!), or align teeth that never had the privilege of moving! Mature teeth can be aligned at any age. The benefits of aligner therapy include improved aesthetics, ease of oral hygiene, comfort, and the ability to complete treatment from afar. Heading to college or out of town on a business trip? Schedule a virtual consultation to evaluate the fit from your dorm or hotel room. These days the treatment possibilities are endless and flexibility is key to personalized patient care.