Orthodontic Retention

Think of it as smile assurance.

The moment has come to debut that beautiful new smile once your braces are removed. A little maintenance will protect it for years to come. Wearing a retainer will help to keep your teeth in the correct position as the gums, bone and muscles around them conform to the new alignment. Mantel Orthodontics offers you several different styles that are customized to your needs and preferences. Plus, our new in-house 3D printing technology eliminates repeat impressions when you need a new retainer—just bring in your model and we’ll do the rest.

Hawley Retainer

A removable and customizable retainer that works well for children in the developing dentition, when teeth are still being lost and erupting. They can choose any color, design, glitter or glow-in-the-dark pattern their heart desires to make retention just as fun as treatment.

Essix Retainer

A clear, removable tray that locks around all of the teeth to ensure no unwanted movement occurs. It can come in and out for meals and brushing and flossing, making it the easiest retainer to manage oral hygiene. 

Bonded Retainer

A custom-made, gold twist wire that is bonded with orthodontic adhesive behind each of the front teeth. The most common issue with retainers is that they can get lost or broken. A fixed retainer takes that variable out of the equation. It is placed carefully and with high quality materials that are meant to last a lifetime.